Aimee Song, the fashion blogger who launched a nail lacquer collection alongside Formula X

It seems that fashion bloggers Not only do they ally with clothing firms to design, they also create makeup collections. And the example we have with the Californian Aimee Song who has created three shades of nail lacquer for the firm Sephora Formula X. Inspired by their world of design, interior design and fashion, each of these three colors reflects their personality. You want to know more?

The entire collection

Three pastel colors are what make up this small but flattering collection. Rosewood in the purest Pantone style of the year, a mint green already seen (but equally flattering), and a dark beige are his proposals. Yes, they are nothing of the other world, but in a season where the cakes have prominence again seems to be the best of the plays.

  • Girl's best friend. Delicate and simple stick rose.
  • Nude for you. A dark beige perfect for those who conform with very little.
  • Mintfluencer The mint green returns to be the protagonist in a pale version.

What do you think of the final result?

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