Are fashion trucks the new food trucks?

Some years ago we know the concept food truck, that kind of mobile restaurants that emerged in U.S at the end of the past decade and that reached World Fame Thanks to the movie Chef. In Spain, the pioneer was Koldo Royo, with their snacks and burgers gourmet.

But we already know what the groundbreaking fashions: something always comes that gives a return to the concept and replaces it in the top of originality. And this is how the ones have arrived fashion trucks. In U.S, they have been on the crest of the wave for some time, but the news is ... they just landed (or parked) in Spain!

Gypsy Truck is the pioneer of this movement in Spain. After its experimental premiere in Formentera last summer, they come now to Barcelona with his retro van and his style clothes boho chic. They even plan, for the next few months, to launch their own line to lower prices. As you see? Are you embarking on the adventure of go shopping in the street?

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Video: Atlanta Food Truck Park Fashion Friday's (December 2019).