Proposals and tips

Exceptional garments in key summer styles

I'm tired and bored of my clothes. I need new ideas but shopping does not enter my head ... Although I know that if I want to change it I have to go through the hoop. But instead of betting on clothes full of trend, I will bet on those different that exalt a look With his presence alone. And if you don't know what we're talking about here graphic examples of all those pieces that you must do if you also look for get away from the typical.

The details that make the difference

Whether betting on different fabrics, cuts or colors. There are many ways to make a difference and it is not as difficult as we think. And these images prove it to us - once again. Garments that leave areas of the body exposed, different mixtures where opposite tissues show how to take wonders, striking shades ... Do you opt for some of these options?

The buttons on the pants become important and are presented in different places that we didn't think they could be. These cease to have their original and main function and become the complement and the star detail. All eyes are focused on them ...

A key garment for summer looks is to bet on a top that is the absolute protagonist. Different necklines, palatable shades and a lot of delicacy are keys for the triumph to be achieved automatically.

Contrasts in colors are always grateful, especially when they invite us to dream on long, warm nights, and days full of sun.

Do you take note of each of these ideas?