Kosé launches its Cell Radiance day cream, a new best seller of Japanese cosmetics?

It is well known the great quality of skin that the Japanese possess, with those faces almost without imperfections and that skin of "porcelain". Their beauty habits, their diet and that special care before the sun have a lot to do, although like everything else, genetics also influences. And within Japanese food if there is a product that stands out above the rest is the rice. The quintessential food of Japanese society, it also becomes one of the most appreciated cosmetic ingredients within the oriental cosmetics, which by the way, increasingly enjoy more followers in the West.

Precisely on the properties of rice this brand new day cream is based Kosé, one of the most emblematic of the Japanese market and has just landed in Spain. The cream belongs to the line Cell Radiance, which has as its main ingredient the extract of natural rice, an ingredient with more cosmetic properties than you thought.

The line Kosé Cell Radiance It is based on Japan's best kept secret, rice extract, but what does rice have to be so good? Well, mainly its moisturizing assets, besides having softening properties and providing luminosity. Curiously, these cosmetic properties of rice were discovered almost by chance several decades ago thanks to the workers who produce Sake (made from rice) since it was observed that they all had very young hands in common that did not match their age.

A detail that many cosmetic brands have not missed, especially the Japanese brands that are taking leaps and bounds to stop being such a niche cosmetic and open to a much more global market.

And what does this new Kosé cream promise? Among the results it is ensured that we can find a much more elastic, toned and redensified skin thanks to the amino acids and peptides that the rice extract contains, but this is not the only ingredient that we find since the cream also has the extract of Perilla leaf, tea and ginger leaf that helps the luminosity of the skin increase more if possible.

It is watery and light in texture and is suitable for all skin types, in addition, as you can imagine, there is no Japanese cream that does not repair sunscreen so it also includes an SPF 15. Its price is 60 euros.

Is this the secret to getting a geisha skin?

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