The Hadid (and tropical leaves) become the absolute protagonists of the Max Mara parade

The Max Mara parade is always an early riser, even though few are the faces of the fashion world that resist setting the alarm clock. An Anna Wintour somewhat altered because she does not find her place, Olivia Palermo as ideal as ever and Naty Abascal almost at the last minute as a real star. The minutes before the start of Show They are the most profitable for the imagination: how will the collection be? I am only clear about one thing, and that is Gigi Hadid (new signature image) will climb the natural wood and moss walkway that the firm has prepared.

When the first chords of the music sound it seems that everyone is concentrated and the only protagonist is the model. Very wearable designs but also with special touches, with a great presence of monochrome looks. Green, black and white (however difficult it may seem in summer) they have a lot of presence in the proposal, both in the print par excellence of the collection, with a million tropical palm leaves, as in the simplest accessories and garments. The touches of color arrive with the acid tones also typical of the tropics such as orange, yellow and pink. Garments inspired by nature where animals become the protagonists of the jerseys that will surely ravage next season. I can not fail to mention the perfect squad that form the Hadid sisters, both Gigi and Bella are sublime on the catwalk.

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