Dinara Kasko's desserts are perfect for those who were choked by geometry at school

They look like sculptures of simple and minimalist figures, but the work of the Ukrainian Dinara Kasko is the result of much effort, of an almost impossible balance, of an absolute love for geometry and large doses of imagination (as much as sugar).

To bump into your work on Instagram is to get hooked on your videos for just a few seconds where shells all her "know-how" making incredible desserts. Cream, chocolate, compotes and cake sharing space with pure geometric figures. Works of art that you will want to take a bite of ... at the same time you regret it.

Each of its elaborations it looks like a work of modern architecture, but Dinara does not use steel or cement to build it, but meringue, cream, chocolates or pure colored jellies.

Dinara Kasko uses 3D printers to build the silicone molds with which it works. In this way you can blow your imagination and develop unique shapes and structures, unthinkable so far in a sweet bite.

If you were always wrong with math and because of biomimetics or Voronoi diagrams, nothing comes to you, don't worry. To enjoy the sweets of this architectural pastry chef it is not necessary to pass more than one subject: that of good taste.

His inspiration also comes from nature itself: snail spirals, the shape of bubbles, leaves, grass ... Pure geometry too.

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