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Take note: Veja V-10 indies shoes are the new must have (and Emma Watson already shows them off)

For a few years the fever for sneakers has been in crescendo. Brands like Nike, Adidas or Converse have seen their sales figures rise like foam and new brands such as the Spanish Pompeii has broken molds with their designs, but a new player has arrived: the brand indie Veja He has already conquered stars like Emma Watson, and his V-10 model has all the requirements for become fashionable footwear.

With the social emergency and the environmental crisis as an objective to alleviate, the Veja sneakers was born to design a path in which fashion and sustainability went hand in hand. For this reason, their designs are created from organic materials and with total respect for the environment for five years now.

They advocate cultural evolution and the generation of a green philosophy, far from facades, with conviction. In addition, their prices are not astronomical as it might seem to embrace the sustainable fashion, some of their designs can be purchased for less than 50 euros, and the most expensive are below 200 euros.

Faithful defender of initiatives such as the one carried out by the firm Veja, Emma Watson It is one of the celebrities that more commitment to environmentally friendly fashion, hence it was the first to split a spear in favor of these new sneakers.

The design of the V-10 model could well remind some New Balance and even the Adidas Stan Smith or the Gazelle model, however the shoes Veja V-10 they are more than a homogeneous mixture of similarities, they are sustainable, and only that is already a great point in favor.

Photos | @veja, @emmawatson
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