Beyoncé allies with Netflix so we can all enjoy the performance that made Coachella become Beychella

The rumors that Beyoncé plotting something with Netflix they come long and it is already known that, when the river sounds, water carries ... Now many details of the content of the documentary Preparing the platform on Queen B have now come to light.

It has been advanced by Us Weekly, Beyoncé will star in a documentary focused on her iconic performance in Coachella last year, when she became the first black woman to be headliner of the festival. A show that is also remembered as one of the best in the history of Coachella and that occurred after having had to cancel his participation the previous year due to his pregnancy.

Thanks to this alliance with Netflix we can all enjoy a performance of two hours and 26 songs which was characterized by its many changes in styles, spectacular choreographies with 100 dancers and the star appearances of Jay-Z, his sister Solagne, J Balvin and his former companions of Destiny's Child.

The impact of the show was such that the festival edition he earned the nickname "beychella". In addition to all of the above, the documentary, which will premiere on April 17, will also have additional material about the ins and outs of the night.

This will not be the only time this year that we can enjoy the singer on the big and small screen. Beyoncé will give voice to Nala in the live action of The Lion King which opens in July. In addition, the same medium also anticipates that Beyoncé would have already entered the study to record two new tracks that would be released soon as part of a compilation disc.