People of the 90s! This collection inspired by Space Jam is, without a doubt, for you

Bugs Bunny, Michael Jordan and outer space. Does something remind you? It was the movie that marked a generation, a breakthrough for his time that mixed reality and cartoons. Millennials of the world, we know that nostalgia is devouring you just by mentioning Space jam, but we promise that we do not try to make you suffer. In fact, with this collection inspired by the film you can take the basketball team of the Looney toons Wherever you go.

Forever 21 has the lesson well learned, knows that if some of our youth brings us back we will go crazy and buy it. With that premise in mind, the firm has dared to Space jam, one of the cult films of the 90s that most fans maintains today.

The collection focuses on sportswear, which for something the protagonists played in a basketball team. But nevertheless, East sporty from Space jam It comes with a very sexy and young touch, with scandal cuts, side openings and mini dresses.

The result is very young and fun, perfect for millennials more released that you want to take your favorite movie always with you. Or see her again with all the merchandising put, what you prefer. We may find it funny, but deep down we can't stop being very excited. And the proposals are amazing!

In Jared | Justin Bieber fans will be excited about his collection for Forever 21.


Video: 90s Classics Megamix vol. 1 (December 2019).