It's never too late to be a model or an athlete, this yogi is both at 98

He is 98 years old and is the oldest yoga teacher in the world, what has served to be campaign image Power of she, from the sportswear and yoga firm Ahleta. So they want to show that there are no limits to start taking care of yourself and playing sports. A great show of feminine power and a clear message that it is never too late to practice sports discipline.

The star of the video,Tao Porchon-Lynch, he has been practicing yoga for 8 years, although when he started he was told that it was not a female sport. He has been teaching yoga for more than 75 years and currently travels around the world together with yoga and meditation professor Dr. Terri Kennedy to inspire others and teach the benefits of yoga for health. We love this woman's strong spirit, the joy of living she gives off and the positivity she is capable of infecting.

The other #PowerofShe videos are also really inspiring, are dedicated to pregnant women who continue to practice running, some girls who reinforce the image of themselves and their self-confidence through sport and a community of parents with children with Down syndrome who uses yoga to develop their full potential.

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