This is the most beautiful libraries in the world

We always talk to you about pleasure of getting lost in a good book, but this time we have decided to value another of the pleasures related to the world of literature and make a selection of the most beautiful places in the world to get lost ... surrounded by books.

Some of these libraries, such as the Tweede Kamer Der Staten-Den Den Haag Iii in Holland, are incredible architectural works of art that live up to the wonders they contain.

The Library of Congress, in Washington, D.c., United States

It is one of the largest libraries in the world, with more than 158 million documents and a digital collection that you can consult directly on its website, although you will miss stepping on this room so many times protagonist in film and television.

The Admont Library, Admont, Austria

It is the largest and most impressive monacal library (located within the Admont monastery) in the world: it is 70 meters long, 14 meters wide and 13 impressive meters high.

The National Library of Prague, Czech Republic

It is the central and most important library in the country, with a fund of more than six million documents and a stunning baroque aesthetic, yes, of those that always leave you breathless and transfer you in time.

The public library of Stuttgart, Germany

It is a design by Eun Young Yi, an architect from South Korea, and thanks to its peculiar aesthetic, modern and barrier-free, one of the best known libraries in the world.

The Vennesla Library, Norway

An open space of generous dimensions, with an immense facade and an urban gallery to protect the locals from the weather are the main features of the design of this library, the work of architects Helen and Hard.

The Shiba Ryōtarō Memorial Museum library in Higashiosaka, Japan

A magnificent space created by the Japanese architect Tadao Ando and dedicated to the work of the writer Ryotaro, little known in the West but one of the people who dedicated himself to preserve in writing the history of Japan, as well as its customs and uses.

The Beinecke Library of Manuscripts and Rare Books at Yale University, Connecticut, United States

His name could come from a Harry Potter novel, but this library is totally real. Its peculiar architectural design, based on Vermont granite and white marble, stretched by a concrete grid and with fine cuts of material in those grids, allows the passage of light through the facade, which helps in the perfect conservation from the books. It has a copy of the first Gutenberg Bible.

The Trinity College library, Dublin, Ireland

It is the library of the oldest university in the country and has an unparalleled collection of everything edited in both Ireland and the United Kingdom (in addition to other precious objects, such as the oldest harp). The main room, known as "Long Room", is 65 meters long and contains more than 200,000 of the oldest books in the library. In addition, it has been an inspiration for numerous sets.

Bibliothèque Nationale De France, Paris, France

It is one of the most important libraries in the world and also one of the oldest.

The State Law Library of the State of Iowa, United States

It is the judicial library of Iowa and the dream of every inveterate reader.

Bibliothèque Mazarine, Paris, France

It has the privilege of being the oldest public library in the country, formerly the personal library of Cardinal Mazarin.

The Oberlausitzische scientific library in Gorlitz, Germany

In this spectacular library you can find more than 140,000 volumes that document the history, nature, economy and society of the area

The George Peabody Library in Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Thanks to the funds contributed by the philanthropist George Peabody (1795-1869), which was dedicated to the wool trade in Baltimore, this spectacular library was built. It opened its doors in 1878.

The New York Public Library

Even if you have not stepped on it, you will surely recognize it, so many times it has appeared in movies and television series. A mythical scenario that is well worth a visit.

The Austrian National Library in Vienna, Austria

In his possession almost eight million documents and one of the most beautiful ceremony halls on the planet. Formerly it was known as the Habsburg library.

The national library of China in Beijing, China

It is probably the most important and spectacular library in the Asian continent with about 23 million volumes.

The Walker Library in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

A beautiful library in a building in the style of the most classical renaissance, in which its portico with Ionic columns stands out.

The Royal Portuguese Cabinet Library, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

One of the treasures of Brazil and also one of the centers of culture of Rio de Janeiro.

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