Metallic, nude and even nail piercings. These are the manicures seen at the Grammy 2017

Not everything is the dress and shoes. Makeup and hairdressing play an essential role in the final result on the red carpet, including manicure. The nails give the final detail of the look, being able to contribute personality, sweetness or even a declaration of intentions. Last night there was everything, from the most elegant manicures to others completely "gone from pot". This is how his hands looked celebrities at the 2017 Grammy.

Many of the guests opted for a very minimalist manicure in white, one of the colors of the season. Some accompanied him with rings and ornaments to give more prominence to the hands. These are the celebrities who chose the total white on your nails

Katy Perry

Giuliana Rancic

Bella Harris

Shaun robinson

Caroline D'Amore

Another of the predominant trends that we saw most during the Grammy gala 2017 was the use of natural shades, such as nude or pastel pink, which give a healthy color to the nails. In classic format and with very long XXL nails, there was everything. Even nails with piercings!

Jennifer Lopez


Demi lovato


Camila Cabello

The big winner of the night (in terms of nails) was Metallic color, with gold, silver or bronze finish, the favorite of the famous. The red carpet It was full of luxury nails, bright and very glamorous.


Chrissy Teigen

Laverne Cox

Sophie Beem

Finally, we have those manicures that have escaped any trend and fashion to surprise us, such as Lady Gaga's nails, which are a different universe. With illustrations of Metallica, piercings piercing the nails and size XXL, to match their styling and not to go unnoticed.

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