With these 7 trends in makeup, some will just want to remove makeup

Socrates once said that "beauty is a very short kingdom." And since there is no one wiser than the philosophers, we have decided to take the floor of the Greek to elaborate a small summary of makeup trends that it is hard to fall in love with.

If you are circumscribed to the catwalks or to comment and enjoy them with friends, God save these trends!; if not, it is understandable that one of the happiest moments of the day ends up being to pick up cotton and micellar water and remove makeup. We start:

Lollipop lips: We never imagined that the decrepitude that reflects our face after having passionately kissed someone with painted lips became fashionable. That, or the smile of the children when they finish with half lollipop spread around their mouths. We assume that the latter has something to do with the name that bears this trend. It has little time to live, but why blur the lipstick just before it dries? With what it has cost us to learn to paint them perfectly following our outline!

Glitter eyes: One of the artistic adventures that 2016 left us was the glitter free fall. The one in charge of opening this trend was Wendy Rowe, the official makeup artist of Burberry in the Fall Winter 2016 parade. She and her team applied up to 3,000 bright motitas in cascade under the eyes of the models and created an effect wasted glam that today we want to leave behind. Why? Because a lot of technique is needed to make it look good and on a day-to-day basis we would need Pat McGrath as guardian angel to ensure that we don't end up with the glitter scattered all over the face.

Glittering gloss: Although we have invented this name, we believe that this trend is much better than the real one that strives to leave us lips like the fit letter. The hologram lips, which is truly called this set of kaleidoscopic wonders, they are easy to achieve if you apply to your ordinary lipstick a layer of glitter gloss and a mixture of fluorescent colors. Will we see it in the sequel to Blade Runner that is going to be released this year?

Poor lips: This is the evolution to the nth power of the hologram lips and is suitable only for lovers of kitsch. Fortunately we have not seen a trace of them on the catwalks, but on Instagram they have had their year. There are two variants: the graffiti and the paste. For the first one you need real dexterity, special paints and extra fine brushes. The second has no mystery: just paint your lips with the color you choose and know how to properly put on the special stickers that are designed specifically for this current. From ships sinking to dripping flags of all countries, any imaginary is possible and everything goes. But it's over now.

Eyeliners stratospheric: To infinity and beyond! Buzz Lightyear shouted in Toy Story, and some took it to the letter. Cleopatra or Amy Winehouse fell short when drawing the black line on their eyelids. This trend invites stretch the line as much as you want and even to draw shapes on it. The most eccentric variant is that of the unicorn horn. Where to find these fantastic animals? On Instagram, of course. More than one has been launched to draw the antler of the mythical animal with colors and glitter, and all the better if it points towards the temple.

Eternal Hangovers: They are already quite hard. Why want to lengthen them in our look? No, thanks, decline. From extremely smoky or shaded eyes with reddish tones around the entire contour, to white powdery bases of dull appearance, through eyeliners that underline dark circles to satiety. Really, what need? Why do we paint every morning, so that we look bad?

Mass Lighting: Let us leave the beings of light for Sandro Rey and return to our natural state of earthly bodies. We finished our selection with a little more trend Light, but with all the ballots for immediate eradication. It is one thing to apply a bit of dark circles or give us a base or mask that adds some shine to our skin tone and another is add layers and layers of illuminators. Or, if we do, unless it is always in a subtle way. The moment you start to notice the textures of creams and products, to: not favor.


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