Red carpet

Cara Delevingne fully exploits her new androgynous look at the MTV Movie Awards

Cara Delevingne is always the star of every red carpet. But since she has shaved her hair to zero her outfits are much more expected. They are more groundbreaking, extravagant and different than ever, something that in a red carpet It is always desirable. He already did it at the MET gala with his head painted silver and he has done it again in the MTV Movie Awards 2017 with the more robotic and sophisticated look.

There is no doubt that Saint Laurent is behind this androgynous styling. Black mini dress with silver glitter details on the neckline and boots over the thigh to get the lampshading look that triumphs among the famous. Her very dramatic makeup, with a lot of lighting in the skull area and a very futuristic and robotic look. It seems fresh from a shooting fashion of the French designer, or one of his muses dressed in total black with appearance garçon. And what can we say, that mysterious air feels phenomenal to Cara.

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