We are already packing: these are the 9 most popular holiday destinations on Instagram

The Cut has asked Instagram what are the favorite destinations of their community and the result is a list of nine incredibly photogenic destinations. Or the wish list of our next vacation.

1.- Any Disney park.

Yes, it doesn't matter if we are talking about Paris, Florida or Hong Kong, but the Disney parks are The No. 1 favorite destination of Instagram users, which makes us think there is a lot of Peter Pan loose.

2.- Universal studies

As with our undisputed destination No. 1, these theme parks inspired by films are four of the most popular destinations around the world for social network lovers. It doesn't matter if we talk about California, Japan, Florida or Singapore. The four studios take the second place. Does Harrypottermania have anything to do with it?

3.- Central Park, New York

We have seen it in so many television series and in our favorite movies that it is impossible to escape the temptation to photograph us In this stage.

4.- Times Square, New York

Another irresistible classic. If you want to do maximum posturing You cannot go through this corner of the world without taking a snapshot. And be part of the called effect.

5.- The Eiffel Tower, Paris.

It is the universal symbol of the French capital and although you know that it is the equivalent of buying a fridge magnet to take it to your mother you will not be able to resist taking the usual photo with its background silhouette.

6.- The Louvre Museum, Paris

Paris is well worth a cliché. And that you take the same photos that thousands and thousands of tourists have been taking without feeling the least of the blushes.

7.- Las Vegas, United States

If you have the possibility to rent a helicopter and enjoy the night views In this mythical city, do not forget to flood Instagram with photos to get long teeth.

8.- The pier of Santa Monica, L.A.

The world's most photographed ferris wheel is not alone. It is surrounded by lots of corners the photogenic sea and that they hit him in popularity on the social network.

9.- The Brooklyn Bridge, New York

If you've ever dreamed of crossing it and feeling like a real New Yorker ... you're not the only one. The bridge between Brooklyn and Manhattan It is one of the most popular locations in the world.

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