Famous Fashion

Neither by short nor by inadequate, but by boredom. Could you change your Madam style somewhat?

The woman of French president It is not a model or style icon, that's where we all start. These are the last comments we have been able to read about the no French First Lady. We still do not know 100% of its functions when we discover that her husband spends more than 8,000 euros a month on makeup. A couple, the less strange, that does not stop giving headlines and not precisely political. The visit of the Dukes of Luxembourg to Paris he has again offered us an image of Brigitte Macron that looks like a photocopy to the one he took in his Recent trip to Salzburg. What is happening in the country of fashion?

There comes a time that how long or short the dress is Brigitte Macron It is almost anecdotal, it is clear that she feels confident with these miniskirts and makes deaf ears worldwide stir What is causing, which I deeply respect. The appropriateness or not of this should be in a mere opinion since there are no written rules for a non First Lady. The problem in question is that it seems that she understands Louis Vuitton as the only French firm and seeing her again and again with the same style of dress causes a rather significant boredom. Will your style change at any time?

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