Kendall beats Gisele as the world's highest paid model and other millennial era changes

We are facing a new era in the fashion universe. It's the times of Instagram and the it girls which are also influencers Y queens of social networks have become the largest and best paid models in the world. Few top models previous they kept their crown after the boom of the social media and Gisele Bündchen was one of them. So far, because the rules of the game have changed and Kendall Jenner knows them much better.

According to the magazine Forbes, the list of better paid models has undergone some changes in 2017. The most striking has been the disappearance of Gisele Bündchen in the number 1 position, where he had been for 15 years. Now it is occupied by the sister instamodel of the Kardashian family with 22 million dollars to his credit thanks to his thousands of followers, to his appearance in the family program and his campaigns with Estée Lauder, Adidas and La Perla.

Gisele follows her in the also very respectable position number 2, followed by Chrissy Teigen and Adriana Lima. Gigi Hadid has not been missing in this exclusive list, occupying the position number 5. In section curvy Ashley Graham has only managed to enter, with 5.5 million dollars in the number 10 of this top ten. It is the first size model to get it!

  1. Ashley Graham, 5.5 million dollars.
  2. Bella Hadid, 6 million dollars.
  3. Liu Wen, 6.5 million dollars.
  4. Karlie Kloss, 9 million dollars.
  5. Rosie Huntington-Whitely, $ 9.5 million.
  6. Gigi Hadid, 9.5 million dollars.
  7. Adriana Lima, 10.5 million dollars.
  8. Chrissy Teigen, $ 13.5 million.
  9. Gisele Bündchen, 17.5 million dollars.
  10. Kendall Jenner, 22 million dollars.

In total, the ten models together have added a whopping 109.5 million dollars, about 93 million euros to change. It will seem a lot, but when compared to the list of top-paid singers he has published today Forbes It stays in nothing: Beyoncé alone entered 105 million dollars in 2017.

In Jared | Kylie Jenner, the only woman (and the youngest) among celebrities better paid under 30 years.