Design at the service of disability: this artist breaks taboos with her fantasy prostheses

Break barriers and empower people with disabilities. Those are the objectives of Alternative Limb Project, an organization founded by artist Sophie de Oliveira Barata, which has been proposed convert prostheses for people who have lost a limb in true works of art. Arms wrapped by a snake or covered with feathers, futuristic-looking legs, made of glass or painted with floral motifs. Those who come to their solutions no longer seek to hide a disability that makes them different, but proudly wear a survivor's scar.

Sophie and her work have received media attention from around the world. From anonymous people to Paralympic athletes they have chosen to wear their prostheses, and many agree that it is a way of expressing themselves, such as clothing, makeup or hairstyle, and that they have gone from wanting to hide to be wishing people look at them and ask them what happened to them.

Sophie also designs realistic prostheses. So much so that it is difficult to distinguish them from a real member. It does, among other reasons, because in many countries medical insurance or public health only finance this type of prosthesis. The amount of an art prosthesis ranges between $ 3,900 and $ 17,800, depending on the material in which it is manufactured.

Sophie is already working on her next projects, which include an arm finished in a Swiss army knife with all its tools or a leg that coordinates with the music in the discos and emits its own light. Without a doubt, her imagination is not lacking. And the people who wear their products, do not want to be different.

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