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Silvia Abascal strips naked on Instagram to show her pregnancy

Silvia Abascal has devastated social networks thanks to this beautiful image in the final stretch of pregnancy. The actress has boasted of pregnancy and great body with this beautiful black and white image, and in which he poses totally naked A snapshot full of tenderness and feeling, and in which, in turn, shows us its most sensual side.

The origin of this successful photo part of the (private) account of Instagram of her partner, the actor Xabier Murua, who surprises her with a declaration of love: "With your permission, love. Thank you, magician queen. Thank you, life. I love you, Silvia." The actress has only reposted the image.

2018 will be a very special year for the couple, not only because finally in a few days they will know the face of their first child (they have not wanted to reveal the sex of the baby), also because they will become husband and wife. Another wedding and birth for the list!

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