It girls

If you lack inspiration in your day-to-day use the style of Olivia Palermo during the Fashion Weeks

The Paris Fashion Week It has begun and that means only one thing: the time of fashion weeks Y street style It is coming to an end. Luckily for us we will always have Olivia Palermo and her outfits, able to inspire anyone with its variety of styles that looks daily. If last week we showed you some of his proposals to step on the street, today we do it with new outfits that arrive with the pretense of falling in love.

Bet on a classic hue

We know that today all shades are welcome but the classic colors extol the style and make it something elegant. Olivia teaches us, once again, that the color black is the best companion (although many believe it is a boring color).

In addition, changing footwear and betting on a wool jacket in muted colors but different from black, Olivia attended the presentation of the new Roger Vivier collection in Paris.

Classic designs in different fabrics

There is something that accompanies this it girl from New York: innovation in classic looks. This raincoat body dress is accompanied by a thick fabric that makes it a simultaneous garment.

Mix of styles and colors

Strange mixes are a part of Olivia Palermo's identity and since the beginning of her career she has dared to mix different colors and fabrics. Do like her: do not fear anything or anyone and mix without regard.

A sport look very different from what you have in mind

There are many ways to dress with casual and sporty styling, and tracksuits do not have to be part of it. The skin and warm colors can bring a sporty touch and Olivia shows us how.

The animal print always accompanies her

Leopard prints are part of the closet bottom - even though it weighs a lot of people - and the sociliaté New Yorkers turn to him whenever he has occasion. Giving prominence to an outerwear, Olivia Palermo achieves a outfit striking, original and simple at the same time.

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