Ivanka Trump takes out her ladylike side: vintage elegance or too stale and outdated for her?

Ivanka Trump's style is recognized in the league. Like Melania, the daughter of the president of the United States does not usually risk too much. On the contrary, always opt for looks very elegant, simple and sophisticated with which it is impossible to fail. Neutral colors that bring sobriety to their classic styles and cuts with which to inspire us. But this time has chosen a design from print floral brushing the line: Elegant or with many years on?

Ivanka Trump attended an official event focused on international human trafficking yesterday in Washington. For the occasion, the First Daughter opted for this design by Alessandra Rich in tone mint Trending, full of floral prints in its most format kitsch Y vintage, remembering the prints decorative of the 50s and 60s.

To this retro print the cut is also added vintage of the dress. A puffed sleeve design, peplum with steering wheel in the waist area, front buttons and mao collar that we reminds a lot of those skirt and jacket suits of the 50s how much we saw him take Betty Drapper. Too grandmother? Maybe, but that look to what Mad men has conquered us completely, although perhaps with more footwear millennial would have compensated for sobriety.

In Jared | Melania Trump reappears after the controversy, demonstrating that with a white shirt it is impossible to fail.

Video: Ivanka Trump barely cracks a smile as she steps out in a ladylike floral frock (December 2019).