It's real: smartphones don't fit in women's jeans and this study explains why

Only 20% of Samsung Galaxy fit in the pocket of women's pants. And 5% of Google Pixel. However, these next-generation mobiles go smoothly into men's jeans. The pockets of our jeans are getting smaller and our smartphones getting bigger and bigger, so it is common for us to walk with them in our hands or we should always carry a bag to be able to carry them with us.

The Pudding has conducted a study analyzing the pockets of the 20 models of jeans, both male and female, and the results will not surprise you. Our pockets are ridiculously small and it is frustrating to try to introduce something into them. On average, our pockets are 48% shorter than those of men and 6.5% narrower. We don't even fit our hands on them beyond the knuckles.

It doesn't matter if we talk about skinny jeans or wide jeans, the pockets are merely ornamental and do not serve their initial purpose: to be able to use them so that the most basic can fit inside us, such as some coins, house keys and our eternal companion, our latest generation iPhone or mobile.

On the page of The Pudding you can check that in only 40% of the pockets of the most popular brands of jeans fits the iPhone, while entering 100% of men's models perfectly.

Also, women like that there is no lump in the pants, manufacturers assume that we will always carry a bag to carry the mobile. Although this is also incompatible if we fall into another of the trends of the moment: the mini-bag.

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