Rituals launches 'The Ritual of Holi', its youngest line full of fun beauty products

Rituals is one of the firms with more experience in the use of traditional oriental recipes. Now he has taken a step further, trying to bring young people closer to their products full of aromas, colors and philosophy slow. The result is The Ritual of Holi, a multicolored line full of amazing products, which seeks to turn the shower moment into a sensory party full of surprises.

Two of the pillars of Rituals are aromas and touch. Everything they sell is soft, abundant and with a spectacular smell. Just try your shower foams to find out. This same idea is present in The Ritual of Holi, "inspired by the Indian tradition that celebrates life by filling it with color and happiness." And that has made the cosmetic firm, with lots of multicolored proposals to get in sight. Some of them even make noise!

We start at the moment shower, for which Rituals brings the classic foam of the firm (6.50 euros) and four original products. The confetti body scrub filled with rainbow pearls (7.50 euros), the soap jelly that looks like a dessert (6.50 euros), bath bombs (5 euros) and the star of the collection, a foam whose dispenser allows the soap to come out in the form of a rose (7.50 euros). Who would want to postpone the bathroom with something like that?

The thing does not end here, because when leaving the shower there are also surprises in this line The Ritual of Holi. We have a normal moisturizer (6.50 euros) and another that looks like another planet. Specifically, from the 90's because it is about a product that "creaks" on skin contact, exploding as if it were effervescent (7.50 euros). The feeling is that you throw Peta Zetas in your hands, very fresh, light and different.

We finish with the strangest (and most pleasing) proposal of the collection. A rubber-textured plastic facial mask that looks like gum (8.50 euros). All this comes in two different formats: the orange for aromas of white lily and peach blossom; and pink for the flamingo and grapefruit flower. Winnings of putting the glove on!

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